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20 Apr 2018

Spring clean your home network

As the days get warmer and the first blossoms appear, our minds turn to spring cleaning. But while we're dusting away the cobwebs and getting rid of the clutter, it's important not to forget our home networks. Check out these five tips to get clarity and security with your FRITZ!Box.

1. Synchronize your contacts

A practical feature of the FRITZ!Box is the integration of the current contacts from your personal email account (Gmail, Apple, etc.) as a directory in your FRITZ!Box. However, if you've opted for manual synchronization between the FRITZ!Box and your contact list, over time you'll find contacts you've deleted from your smartphone in your FRITZ!Box's directory, or new contacts on your FRITZ!Box will not be on your smartphone. Luckily there's an easy fix: just click 'Synchronize' to start synching.

2. Clean up your call history

The FRITZ!Box can store up to 400 entries for incoming, outgoing or missed calls. Clearing your call log not only gives you a better overview: you can also save phone numbers before deleting them, or even block them if they're unwanted. You can also copy telephone numbers from the caller log to the directory with your FRITZ!Fon.

3. Get rid of old access links

The FRITZ!Box's integrated NAS function makes it possible to share files, pictures and videos with friends and family via a share link, even while on the move. Over time, however, it's easy to forget what content you've shared and for how long. And with spring here, it's high time to delete any access links you no longer need!

4. Remove inactive devices from the user interface

Whether it's the smartphones or tablets of the guests who came to your New Year's Eve party, family members who haven't been over in a while or other visitors, or devices you no longer use - they are all displayed in the network overview of your FRITZ!Box. You can delete any unneeded entries with the click of a mouse, giving you a clearer overview of what devices are actually being used in your home network.

5. Are your devices up-to-date?

Depending on how your home network infrastructure is structured, it's easy to overlook what updates are available for your FRITZ! Products. So it's good to know that updating your FRITZ!Box, FRITZ!Fon, FRITZ!WLAN Repeater or Powerline adapter from a central location is easier than ever. A push of a button is enough. We recommend enabling the auto-update function, allowing your FRITZ!Box to take over the job and giving you one less thing to worry about.