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19 Apr 2018

Six apps that will change your life

Once you go FRITZ!App, you'll never go back

Did you know FRITZ! has six different apps for your smartphone? With the FRITZ!Apps you can:

1: Control your washing machine remotely

Your laundry is done but you're not home? No problem! With the MyFRITZ! app you can access your personal FRITZ!Box securely from anywhere in the world. You can use the app together with a FRITZ!DECT 200 smart plug, for example, to switch off your washing machine when no one's home. Find out more about how to set up the MyFRITZ!App here.

2: Make landline calls from your smartphone

Time to cut the cord on your landline? The FRITZ!App Fon makes it easy to connect your smartphone or tablet to your FRITZ!Box over wireless LAN. The app allows you to make calls from your tablet or smartphone via the internet, benefiting from cheaper landline rates. If you're on holiday or out of the office, you can also use the MyFRITZ!App to connect to your home network and make landline calls from there.

3: Boost your wireless LAN signal

Frustrated with weak wireless LAN? Download the FRITZ!App WLAN today to get detailed information about your wireless connection. You can then use your smartphone to check the strength of the wireless connection in a certain spot and optimize it where necessary. You can also use the FRITZ!App WLAN to check the the stability of your wireless connection.

4: Turn your smartphone into a webcam

Going on holiday? Download the FRITZ!App Cam and transform your old Android phone or tablet into a webcam. The app automatically takes photos of what's happening in front of your device's camera, and you can access them even when you're not at home. Just use a smartphone or tablet that you no longer need, and leave it at home while you're away to take photos..

5: Watch TV wherever you want

The days of arguing about what to watch on TV are over! FRITZ!App TV, together with the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater DVB-C, brings cable TV to every smartphone and tablet. Once you've installed the app, your phone or tablet will be able to automatically detect the signals emitted by the DVB-C repeater, which transmits TV channels using high-speed wireless LAN. So, sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite TV show.

6: Listen to your favorite podcast with FRITZ!Box

Want to keep up-to-date with the latest news? Don't want to miss out on your favorite podcast? Download the FRITZ!App Media to listen to media files via your FRITZ!Box. It's so easy: just activate the FRITZ!Box Media Server and enter the URL of the podcast you want to listen to. Just head to the app the next time you want to listen to the next episode, or perhaps something new: the world is your oyster!