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06 Feb 2018

Safer internet for all

This year's Safer Internet Day on 6 February takes place under the motto "Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you". In view of that, the initiative of the European Commission supports events and activities worldwide regarding internet security once again in 2018. It highlights the responsible use of the internet by minors.

Practical tips for every day

Everyday life of today's kids is hardly imaginable without smartphone, tablet, and the like. That's why skills for a safe use of digital media are so important. The Safer Internet Day equips minors, parents and teachers with simple and practical tips for their daily routine. For example, on Better Internet for Kids they can find specific information on the problem of sending revealing pictures via messenger apps, which is known as 'sexting'.

AVM cares about internet security

It's natural for most parents to have doubts when their children are surfing the internet alone for the first time. What content will the kids come across and will it be appropriate? And will they ever put their smartphone aside when their parents aren't home?

With the parental controls feature of the FRITZ!Box you can limit the internet use to a certain time and content. You could discuss websites that would be interesting and appropriate with your kids beforehand. Based on that, you could then agree on a time budget for their internet use.

Organizers in over 100 countries

The European Commission and the European network Insafe (Internet Safety for Europe) of the European Union are organizing the Safer Internet Day. Over 100 countries worldwide are participating to inform about secure and responsible use of the internet.