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27 Apr 2018

Powerline Networking and Extension Leads: What You Need to Know

Powerline technology uses your home's electrical wiring to connect devices, giving you a better wireless signal in any room with a working socket. The best bit? The FRITZ!Powerline adapter's built-in interference filter means you'll always have a powerful signal.

The challenge: interferences in your power supply

The speed and performance of a powerline connection depends a lot on other sources of interference, such as additional devices that are plugged in and connected to your power supply. This includes anything from your vacuum cleaner and your refrigerator, to the washing machine and the microwave oven. Two things happen when you plug more than one device into an extension lead:

  1. The additional devices interfere with the frequencies used in powerline technology
  2. Some power strips have a built-in interference filter. This means disturbance frequencies get filtered out, but it also filters out the frequencies used by the powerline technology. This reduces the data transfer rate dramatically.

The solution: FRITZ!Powerline with a built-in interference filter

To ensure data in the power supply gets transferred with as little interference as possible, you should try to avoid using extension leads. If this is not possible, all is not lost: say hello to the FRITZ!Powerline adapter with an integrated socket! The built-in interference filter means you can use an extension lead without any problems. Just plug your FRITZ!Powerline into the wall and you'll still be able to use an extension lead. Check out our product comparison page to see products have an integrated socket.