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25 Jan 2018

New features on

The recent update of our MyFRITZ! website brought many specific improvements and exciting new functions.

Regular MyFRITZ! report and registration history

It's now possible to receive regular MyFRITZ! reports providing information on your FRITZ! products and MyFRITZ! account. And you can decide whether you want to find these reports in your inbox weekly or monthly.

The registration history also provides more transparency as it lists every login. For example, it shows the IP address, browser version and the device used to log in. Plus, you'll receive an email containing this information whenever a new device logs in.

Improved device overview

Before, a registered FRITZ!Box was already displayed clearly and in the right model design in the device overview. With the new version the devices connected to the FRITZ!Box are also visible. The overview also shows information about installed FRITZ!OS versions, updates and Smart Home devices for all active FRITZ! products.

Google captcha is displayed less often

A captcha protects you from automatic logins through bots. AVM uses ReCaptcha by Google for logins on With the current version this captcha comes up less often, since the bot detection is running automatically in the background in most cases.

Changing the preset of the FRITZ!Box user

It's now possible to register a FRITZ!Box user in the MyFRITZ! account, so he is automatically put in the URL. This simplifies things, since you don't have to enter the user name manually instead of the registered email address anymore.

Example: turns into upon request.

Feedback wanted

Do you have ideas or suggestions? We're happy to receive your messages over our feedback form.