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05 Nov 2018

New and improved: the FRITZ!DECT 301 gets an upgrade for the winter

When the temperatures start to dip, there's nothing we love more than curling up with a good book and a cup of tea. However, maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home during the winter months can be tricky. This is where the FRITZ!DECT 301 smart thermostat comes in, which thanks to FRITZ!OS 7 has some exciting new features.

What's new?

FRITZ!OS 7 brings Smart Home templates to your FRITZ!Box, which can be used for your smart thermostat. These templates allow you to edit the settings for individual Smart Home devices and groups and save them for a range of different scenarios.

With the new Boost function all you need to do is push a couple of buttons and the FRITZ!DECT 301 will heat up any room in a matter of minutes.

Since the room temperature is measured directly at the FRITZ!DECT 301, it may be warmer or colder in other locations in the room. With FRITZ!OS 7, the smart thermostat can now use the smart plugs from AVM as temperature sensors, for example the FRITZ!DECT 200.

Familiar features

You're about to leave work and want to make sure your flat is nice and toasty when you get home? With the FRITZ!DECT 301 you can adjust your preconfigured schedule at any time, wherever you are. You may be surprised at how easy it is: all you need is the MyFRITZ!App, or your FRITZ!Fon, a tablet or computer.

The e-paper display with an exceptionally legible font can be read from every angle and is very energy-efficient. The FRITZ!DECT 301 also automatically detects when a window is open and notifies you right away.