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12 Jul 2018

Going on Vacation? Relax with MyFRITZ!

Summer is all about vacation, traveling and discovering new places. With MyFRITZ!, sharing pictures and saving important documents are a breeze, making it the perfect travel companion.

Back up your travel documents in the cloud

Have you ever been so excited about your vacation and getting to the airport that you've left your hotel confirmation, itinerary or even your passport at home? With the FRITZ!Box's NAS (Network Access Server) function you can connect an external USB storage device to your router and then head to MyFRITZ! to access the data stored on the device. Saving your documents, or copies of them, on the FRITZ!Box's NAS means you can enjoy your vacation and unwind. It's now been a year since roaming charges were abolished within the EU. If you're vacationing in Europe this summer, you won't have to pay extra to access your files on your FRITZ!NAS.

Share your beach snaps

The FRITZ!Box's NAS function isn't just useful for storing important documents. The MyFRITZ!App 2 for Android makes it easy to save your favorite vacation snaps on your FRITZ!Box. You can also share your pics with friends and family, a great way to stay connected while you're away from home. We understand the importance of keeping your data and files safe, which is why your vacation snaps are accessible via MyFRITZ! once you get back home. Another great security feature is the ability to set a time limit for the link to the photos, or limit how often they can be accessed.

MyFRITZ! - always there for you

MyFRITZ! doesn't just allow you to access the FRITZ!NAS while on vacation. You can also use it to listen to messages on your FRITZ!Box answering machine, check your FRITZ!Box's call list or manage your Smart Home.