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25 Jul 2018

Introducing the new FRITZ!App WLAN Basic

The "FRITZ!App WLAN" is one of the most popular WiFi analyzer apps on the market, showing you the WiFi networks around you and providing detailed information about them, alongside other perks and features. Due to changes in Android guidelines, we are releasing the new FRITZ!App WLAN Basic, a version of the app that will offer the current range of functions on a permanent basis.

Google is updating its Android guidelines

Starting in August 2018, new technical specifications from Android apply to all app versions made available from that time on. In the context of wireless LAN, this means that information about the wireless environment can be displayed only if the user grants the app authorization for "Location of Device" and enables location services. To get an overview of the WiFi networks around you, all upcoming versions of the FRITZ!App WLAN will require location services to be enabled.

Use the FRITZ!App WLAN with location services off

Because it's based on the technical standards from before August 2018, the FRITZ!App WLAN Basic does not require location services to be turned on. New technical specifications from Android mean the app will no longer be updated. This is due to the fact that only app versions that have location services enabled will be able to provide information about the wireless networks around you. As a result we have discontinued online support for this app and it won't be developed further.

Is FRITZ!App WLAN Basic the right app for you?

The Basic version is perfect for you if you don't want to share where you are and have location services disabled on your Android device, but you still want to use certain features of the FRITZ!App WLAN. With the FRITZ!App WLAN Basic you can still see which wireless networks are available, connect to one of the wireless networks, or get detailed information about signal strength and allocated wireless channels.

The FRITZ!App WLAN (not the Basic version) will continue to be supported and developed according to Android specifications.

FRITZ!App WLAN for Android

FRITZ!App WLAN Basic for Android