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10 Dec 2018

At the top of every second list this Christmas: A device with WiFi

Have you already ticked off your Christmas gift list? Have you hinted to your friends and fam about what you want? Chances are it's a smartphone, router or other WiFi-enabled device. A recent survey carried out by AVM shows the trend for connected devices is not slowing down.

A wireless Christmas

The results of the survey show that one in two people in Germany aged 18 to 69 is planning on giving or would like to receive a WiFi-enabled device this Christmas. The demand for high-performance WiFi systems is even higher among 18-39-year-olds. Smartphones, tablets or smart speakers with wireless functionality are on the wish list of 64 percent of respondents. Wireless is also important for other age groups. 49 percent of 50-59-year-olds in Germany would like to be given a present that supports WiFi or are planning on placing one under the tree this year for someone else.

WiFi please

People in Italy are even more 'pazzo' about wireless tech. At 67 percent, just over two-thirds of all respondents plan to buy a WiFi-enabled device for their loved ones this festive season, or would like to have one themselves. 44 percent of people in Switzerland would like to receive a gift with WLAN this year or are planning on giving one as a gift. In Austria the figure is 43 percent, while in the Netherlands it is 37 percent. The study was conducted at the end of November on a panel of 1,000 users in each country.

The perfect gift idea

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