Test the latest features today

FRITZ! products are always learning. Regular free updates teach them new features and provide for various optimizations "behind the scenes". But what do we need to develop such updates? FRITZ! Lab is an important component, and now it is also accessible for international users.

What is FRITZ! Lab?

In the internal process of developing FRITZ!OS, new features are tested thoroughly and extensively. Once these tests run smoothly, the FRITZ!OS specimen is ready for the lab on avm.de.

What happens in the FRITZ! Lab?

The first version of FRITZ!OS goes into the lab at a stage when the range of features is still in flux. There may be some new ones added, while others won't make it into the release. Just like in a real lab. Finally the moment comes when the features are set for the official update. Now it is time for fine-tuning and to analyze the extensive feedback from the lab.

As a final step, the Lab version team develops the release candidate: A new FRITZ!OS version which is offered for free download as a regular update.

How can I participate in the FRITZ! Lab?

In order to be able to take part in the FRITZ! Lab, and thus in the process of developing FRITZ!OS, you need an international version of the FRITZ!Box 7590 or FRITZ!Box 7490. The latest version can be downloaded from en.avm.de/fritz-lab. Once as the lab has been installed, FRITZ!OS notifies you about new updates whenever a new state of development has been reached. Lab participants can switch back to the official OS version at any time.

We look forward to your feedback!