FRITZ! News - Protect your devices from lightning damage


Protect your devices from lightning damage

Meteorologists record about four million lightning strikes a year in Europe. Thunder and lightning mostly occur in the summer months July and August. Inside the storm zone voltage can fluctuate by several 100,000 volts, impacting electrical networks and connections to the telephone network as well as the Internet within range. The resulting surge can affect all devices connected to power or telecommunication networks.

FRITZ!Box with integrated voltage protection

FRITZ!Box models are equipped with integrated protection against power surges ex works. However, there is no absolute protection against the effects of electrical surges in the area. Depending on the severity of a surge, the FRITZ!Box or devices connected via LAN or USB can be damaged.

How to protect your FRITZ!Box

  • Most importantly: Disconnect your FRITZ!Box from the DSL line and the power source during a storm or before you leave the house.
  • Also unplug phones from the power source.
  • Don't forget to unplug the connector strip. Simply switching off the strip doesn't shield from the high voltages of a surge.
  • After the storm connect the FRITZ!Box first to the DSL line and then to the power supply. A new configuration is not necessary.

Call forwarding to your smartphone

There's no Internet or telephone connection while power supply and DSL are disconnected. To stay available on your landline you can setup a call forwarding. This way calls are directly forwarded from the central exchange of your provider to your mobile phone.

Can't be fixed

Since power surges destroy the microelectronic components of your FRITZ!Box, they cannot be repaired. If you have household insurance, your insurance company may cover the damage.