Preparing your vacation – is your home network all set?

With the summer vacation coming up the best time of the year is almost here. While packing your bags, sorting travel documents and setting schedules are all natural parts of preparing your vacation, it also pays off to prepare your home network for your absence.

Thanks to the secure remote access you're only a swipe away from your FRITZ!Box – even on the other side of the world. That's not only practical to check if everything's all right during an extended absence, but enables you to access stored data, your call list and much more. To make use of these advantages and save energy at the same time, we have summed up a little checklist for your preparations:

Turn off WiFi: If no one's at home anyway then you can also turn off the wireless LAN of your FRITZ!Box to save energy. Just push the WLAN button on your router or adjust the corresponding checkbox in the Wireless menu of FRITZ!OS. Here, you can also configure the wireless LAN to be turned on or off automatically. This way you can deactivate the wireless network, for example at night, without regular effort.
Configure MyFRITZ! access: To access your home network from anywhere, you best register a user account on before leaving. The service is free and is regularly updated by AVM.
Water plants: Just because you're away for a few weeks doesn't mean your plants don't need care during your absence. The solution is simple: Smart Home. With the smart plug FRITZ!DECT 200 you can have your plants watered automatically using a corresponding watering system. Set up a switching schedule or water the plants yourself via remote access.
Water the lawn: With FRITZ!DECT 210 there's also a smart plug for outdoor use. Use it to water the lawn, the flowers or the greenhouse. Here you also have the possibility to set individual switching schedules and put your green expertise to the test.
Prepare storage space: Through the NAS function of your FRITZ!Box you can use connected storage media like USB sticks or external hard drives. Connect them to the USB interface and make sure that there is enough storage space available for vacation pictures and other data.
Charge FRITZ!Fons: You can put the wireless DECT telephones in the charging cradle during your absence. This way you can be sure that the phones are charged upon your return. Via the MyFRITZ! access you can check on missed calls and voice messages on your answering machine.
Switch lamps: Especially during long travels it makes sense to simulate your presence by switching your lamps automatically. Benefit once more from an individual switching schedule or turn the lights on or off yourself. Other tips could be: play some music once in a while, turn on the TV – no problem thanks to Smart Home with FRITZ!
Prepare an IP camera: If these tips weren't enough yet, we've got something else for you: install an IP camera in your home to keep everything in sight. You can view the camera images on smartphone, tablet or computer whenever you like and check on the situation at home. For day trips you can also refer to the FRITZ!App Cam. With it an old tablet or smartphone can easily turn into an IP camera, so you can watch your pets, while relaxing at the beach for the day.

That's it! Now you only have to take care of the most important thing: recreation. Enjoy your vacation and relax, since you don't have to worry about a thing at home thanks to the automatic switching and perfect preparations. Have a nice vacation!