Perfect service: WiFi for your visitors

Guesthouse owners naturally strive to offer their guests a comprehensive service. As vacationers like to save their data capacity, WiFi in the guesthouse is a real benefit. This aspect can even influence the decision for booking.

The FRITZ!Hotspot for the wireless guest network

With the convenient FRITZ!Hotspot your FRITZ!Box offers a simple way to establish a wireless guest network. Use the function to offer your guests their own WiFi, which is completely separated from your home network and devices.

For the guest access you can choose to allow only emailing and surfing or limit the use of WiFi to certain periods. You can limit the bandwidth of the FRITZ! Hotspot so that your home network always has enough capacity for downloads, streaming or telephony. You also have these options if you provide a separate guesthouse or several apartments with internet via the FRITZ!Box.

Individual welcome page

For additional service you can activate an individual captive portal to welcome your guests. Here you can upload terms of use for the Internet access, which have to be confirmed by the guests.

If you're travelling yourself...

... and there's no wireless LAN at your vacation home, yet you don't want to live without the convenience of a fast Internet access? Then you can bring the FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE with you and use it with a SIM card at your holiday destination – it works in all of Europe.