New FRITZ!Box? What to do with old devices

AVM has just presented its new top models FRITZ!Box 7590 and FRITZ!Box 6590 Cable as successors for current DSL and cable generations at CeBIT. Now is the perfect time to take stock of those FRITZ! products that have already served their purpose.

Five-year warranty on FRITZ!Boxes

When you buy a FRITZ!Box you receive a five-year warranty. During this period you can return defective devices to AVM at any time via the warranty processing. Please make sure to keep your receipt.

You can also take advantage of a broad array of services – even for devices no longer under warranty. You can find answers to all possible and impossible questions either via Support request or directly over Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Please keep in mind that some older devices may no longer be supported (EOS – End of Support).

New purpose in the home network

Just because you now have a new FRITZ!Box doesn't mean you can't benefit from your old router. For example, if you want to include more areas of your home in the network, you can simply use your initial FRITZ!Box as a repeater. Certain devices can be utilized as wireless repeaters as long as they use the latest version of FRITZ!OS. Generally AVM recommends keeping all FRITZ! products up to date by installing the latest software.

In just a few steps you can establish excellent wireless reception in the furthest corners of your home. Read here how to configure your FRITZ!Box to operate it with another FRITZ!Box and about the other possibilities for use.

The other FRITZ!Box can also be used as a second telephone system in the home network. Numbers saved in the first FRITZ!Box are also available in the second one. Plus, it's possible to register up to six more DECT telephones with this system. For instructions on configuring the second telephone system, click here. Some older FRITZ!Box models can still be used as DECT repeaters. Find details here.

By the way, you can not only keep using your FRITZ!Boxes, but all other FRITZ! products as well. Up to six DECT telephones can be used on a FRITZ!Box with telephone system, so you don't have to get rid of old FRITZ!Fons. Just use two. The same can be applied for FRITZ!Powerline and FRITZ!WLAN components.

No more support – what now?

It's possible that support is no longer offered for some older AVM devices (EOS – End of Support). Should this be the case for a FRITZ!Box, then it won't receive updates with new functions or the latest security standards. In this case professional disposal of technical terminal devices by recycling companies is a sensible option. This guarantees that the used recyclables return to the materials cycle. Most providers offer such disposal free of charge.

Even if the device is slated for dismantling, you should restore the factory settings. This way you can prevent unauthorized access to your personal data. Read here for instructions on restoring the factory settings. At this point it's high time for a new FRITZ!Box.