Internet for your guests

Offer your guests, customers of your café or patients of your practice convenient internet access via the FRITZ! Hotspot, i.e. a guest access using its own wireless LAN with individual settings. The guest network is securely isolated from your home network, so guests can't access your devices or settings of the FRITZ!Box.


Activated with a single click

The wireless guest access is an exceptionally popular function of the FRITZ!Box. The hotspot is activated at the touch of a button and can be secured with a specific WiFi password should you wish to protect it further, for example when used in your home. The WiFi of your guests has its own name (SSID) so it can easily be found by smartphone and the like. The private hotspot is also available in locations where FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters or powerline devices provide for better coverage.

Open hotspot without a password

If you want to offer your restaurant or shop guests public WiFi that can be accessed without a password at any time, you can establish a non-encrypted guest network. This option can be configured in the user interface of the FRITZ!Box at "Wireless / Guest Access / Encryption" selecting "non-encrypted". This way anyone in range can easily connect to your wireless LAN.

More details in the Guide section

Please find specific options and convenience features of the wireless guest access in this article.