How to stream your media with FRITZ!

Photos taken on your phone, videos of your latest vacation or family gathering, or your music collection: most of us want to look at our files or listen to playlists at home. What if you could access them wherever you are and whatevr device you're using - be it a tablet, smartphone, computer, wireless speakers or a smart TV?

With a FRITZ!Box you have the perfect media hub for all the family, making it easy to transmit all of your content to any device in your home network. With a FRITZ!Fon and the free FRITZ!App Media you also have full control of all your multimedia content.

Configuring the media server

This article describes how to set up the media server, so you can store all your data. Click here for a detailed step-by-step guide, for example with the FRITZ!Box 7490.

  1. Disable the USB Remote Connection for USB storage devices in the FRITZ!Box.
  2. Copy your media collection to a USB memory stick or hard drive.
  3. Reconnect the stick or hard drive with the USB port of your FRITZ!Box.
  4. Enable the media server in the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  5. Organize the data on your storage device by creating a kind of index so that you can find them later.

Now you can access stored music, photos and videos with all devices used in the home network.

Internet radio and podcasts

You can also listen to internet radio stations on suitable playback devices or software via the FRITZ!Box's media server. Are you a podcast fan? You can also play these via the FRITZ!Box media server. Check out the Knowledge Base for more information on how to set up the media server.