FRITZ!DECT 210 as a house sitter

Have you thought about who will be watering your plants, or can turn the lights on some evenings while you're away? With FRITZ!DECT 210, the smart plug for outdoor use, you don't have to ask friends or neighbors – just lean back and rely on the automated switching schedule.

Your Smart Home takes care of watering

Everyone who puts a lot of time and love into their garden or planted balcony wants to know that their plants will be well cared for during vacation. Using the FRITZ!DECT 210 switching timetable you can configure your own watering schedule so that your plants will never go thirsty. By connecting your sprinkler system to the FRITZ!DECT 210 socket, you can control the power supply and thus the watering of your plants via the FRITZ!OS menu of your FRITZ!Box. Before heading out, just specify the times your FRITZ!DECT 210 should switch on and off. This way your flowers will enjoy a regular refreshing shower, especially on hot, sunny days.

Complete control at any time

Should it rain more than usual at home, FRITZ! offers a solution. Simply configure the free MyFRITZ!App on your smartphone before vacation. Then you can adjust any of the automated settings in the home network quickly and conveniently, no matter where you're spending your vacation.

Schedule for lighting

The switching timetable is also a handy solution for your outside lights. Lamps that are connected with the FRITZ!DECT 210 can be switched on and off at automatic intervals using menu settings in the FRITZ!Box. This way you can make it look as if you're home in the evenings, and don't have to worry about the lights being turned off at the accustomed time. Give it a try – your Smart Home with FRITZ! is a great house sitter.