FRITZ!Box passes BT Openreach certification

Award winning router now available to all BT Wholesale customers

The FRITZ!Box 3490 has successfully passed the BT Openreach SIN498 MCT certification. As a result, the FRITZ!Box is now generally available to BT Wholesale customers such as Internet Service Providers (ISP). The BT MCT approval guarantees consistent network performance and diagnostics by meeting important performance and compatibility requirements set by BT. AVM is to date one of only four major manufacturers who can supply ‘full pass’ certified products. Unapproved devices risk being disconnected from the network or will perform only with significantly lower bandwidths

FRITZ!Box can be connected to any VDSL / FTTC line

BT Openreach is the main provider of the VDSL infrastructure in the UK. BT Wholesale partners like Zen Internet use this infrastructure to provide their customers with internet and telephony services. In order to be connected to any VDSL / FTTC line provided by BT Openreach, all VDSL equipment are required to have passed BT's SIN498 MCT testing. As part of the Modem Conformance Test (MCT), devices undergo extensive testing to check if they comply with all of BT's requirements and standards.

Now that the FRITZ!Box 3490 has passed the BT MCT certification programme, ISPs and customers can be confident of optimal performance with the FRITZ!Box , and safe in the knowledge that the multifunctional router meets the all advanced diagnostics and VDSL protocols deployed by BT. Additional FRITZ!Box models are registered for certification and will be soon included in this MCT list.