FRITZ!Apps: measuring WiFi and accessing the FRITZ!Box from anywhere

Both the free FRITZ!App WLAN and the MyFRITZ!App are regularly updated by new functions. Here you'll find an overview of the most important improvements.


Measuring the quality of the radio connection

With the function "Measure WiFi throughput" in the FRITZ!App WLAN you can easily measure the connection speed of a smartphone or tablet at different locations within the radio network. Data throughput and signal strength are displayed in real time. The results can be presented as a report and shared or sent to other apps for further analysis.

Signaling network changes

FRITZ!App WLAN records network changes. For example, if you use a FRITZ!WLAN Repeater or a FRITZ!Powerline device supporting WiFi in addition to your FRITZ!Box, you can see when your tablet or smartphone switches the wireless connection to either of these devices. If there are multiple wireless networks within the home network (with their own names – SSIDs), the app indicates which access point is providing which wireless network.

Detailed environment diagrams

The environment diagrams visualize the shape (ellipse/trapeze) and bandwidth (20-160 MHz) of the signals transmitted by wireless access points in the vicinity. The diagrams also show the 5 GHz frequency band in detail, with the areas reserved for weather radar (DFS and TDWR).


Flexible FRITZ!Box control

FRITZ!Box user interface can be opened directly in the MyFRITZ!App using the "FRITZ!Box" menu entry. This also works from on the go, as long as a home network connection was configured. The new display of received messages also improves clarity: now you can see messages from the past seven days; older messages can be included, if needed.

Operating the Smart Home

You can manage your Smart Home devices conveniently using the MyFRITZ!App. You can even keep track of your room temperature, as the app shows the next scheduled adjustment of the preconfigured temperature. It's also possible to manage a combined group of radiators with the app.

Home network devices with their own web interface come first

Another practical feature: You can view all devices in the Home Network Overview under "Home Network", with home network devices that have their own user interfaces sorted at the top of the list for easy access. Once the home network connection has been set up, you can always reconnect from anywhere at the touch of a button.