Everything up to date?

Whether it's on your smartphone, tablet or computer – users are frequently notified of available updates. Your FRITZ!Box also informs you regularly about new, free improvements – a special bonus when it comes to security. Using the automatic update function you're always the first to benefit from the fresh functions.

Get more out of FRITZ! by updating right away

The easiest way to a convenient update process is the automatic update function. Via the FRITZ!OS user interface you can choose to have updates installed automatically or receive a notification prior to initiating the process manually. A certain advantage of automation: you don't have to wonder whether or not your FRITZ!Box is up to date. The new FRITZ!OS version will be downloaded after the release at a convenient time – for example, at night. During installation all Internet and telephony connections will be interrupted briefly. After that all systems are back online. This way you'll wake up to enjoy all improvements and new functions.

Especially in terms of security, updates play a key role. AVM always works with latest standards to increase the security of your FRITZ!Box with every update. So do not lose any time: check your settings. Find details on what to do in our Knowledge Base.