FRITZ! News - Water your plants with FRITZ!DECT 200


Water your plants with FRITZ!DECT 200

Finally summer is here and it's almost vacation time! Now, before you dive into the favorite time of the year and head off on a much-needed vacation, there are a few things to organize for the time you're away. For example, who is taking care of your pets? Who is emptying the mailbox, and who will water your plants during the hottest season of the year? While FRITZ! products can't (yet) help you with the first two tasks, AVM offers an easy solution for your plants.

Water your plants via smartphone

Using Smart Home technologies by AVM you can not only get mail from your washing machine, but can take care of your plants from practically anywhere. For this you'll need the smart plug FRITZ!DECT 200 and an automatic irrigation system, as well as a mobile terminal device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) and Internet access on location.

Such a system could be for example this one from GARDENA. It lets you water up to 36 potted plants daily for one minute. Yet, if you set up the power supply via FRITZ!DECT and access your home network via a secure MyFRITZ connection, you can send over the digital gardener as often as you wish.

Secure access to your home network

Using either the mobile or the browser interface of MyFRITZ!, you can activate the FRITZ!DECT 200 in an instant. Then your flowers can enjoy irrigation for 60 seconds. Deactivate the plug afterwards to repeat the process, if necessary. This way you can keep your thumb green while working on your tan.

You can even access your home network from abroad via the secure VPN tunnel supported by your FRITZ!Box. For more information on the MyFRITZ! service please refer to this guide. Now that your plants are watered, you can finally focus on the important questions: Would you rather go for a swim now or take a nap on the beach?