FRITZ! News - Protect your devices from lightning damage


Protect your devices from lightning damage

Meteorologists record about four million lightning strikes a year in Europe. Thunderstroms are most common between May and September. During a thunderstorm, electric arcs strike through the air at half the speed of light, heating it up to an unimaginable 20,000 degrees Celsius. That's four times the surface temperature of the sun.

Inside the storm zone voltage can fluctuate by several 100,000 volts, which can impact electrical networks and connections to the telephone network as well as the Internet (for example via an DSL connection) within range. The resulting surge can affect all devices connected to power or telecommunication networks.

FRITZ!Box with integrated voltage protection

FRITZ!Box models are equipped with integrated protection against excess voltage ex works. The test of this function is one of most demanding trials a FRITZ!Box has to pass. However, there is no absolute protection against the effects of electrical surges in the area. Depending on the severity of a surge, the FRITZ!Box or devices connected via LAN or USB can be damaged.

How to protect your FRITZ!Box

  • Consult a reliable website for storm warnings in your area.
  • Most importantly: Disconnect your FRITZ!Box from the DSL line during a storm or before you leave the house.
  • You should unplug telephone and power plugs as well. We also advise you to disconnect TVs and computers from the power supply.
  • If you unplug a connector strip, you can protect multiple devices at once.

In order to stay reachable on the landline once you've disconnected the telephone/DSL plug, you can configure a call diversion. This way you can redirect incoming calls, for example to your mobile phone, over your telephone provider's exchange.

Since power surges destroy the microelectronic components of your FRITZ!Box, they cannot be repaired. If you have household insurance, your insurance company may cover the damage.