FRITZ! News - National anthem ring tones for FRITZ!Fon

FRITZ!Fon has soccer fever

National anthem ring tones for FRITZ!Fon

As German entertainer Jürgen von der Lippe once sang, to play good soccer, just "Start running, close your eyes, sing anthem, strike!" Now, Podolski and his teammates might want to reconsider the order of these steps in the interest of a successful tournament, but the national anthems of the participating teams are certainly a highlight of the European Cup. To boost your soccer fever, AVM is now offering exclusive national anthem ring tones for FRITZ!Fon.

Please rise for the national anthem!

After the success of the "Jingle Bells" ring tone last Christmas season, we've now created a few new ring tones for the UEFA EURO in France. Below you'll find the individual ring tones available for immediate download. The following anthems are available:

Observant AVM fans will surely have noticed that those are the anthems of the countries in which FRITZ! products are available and that have qualified for the European Championship finale. The anthem of the host country France is also included.

It's not quite the same without the Netherlands

Of course there's another exception: Even though the Dutch national team didn't qualify for the tournament, Oranje fans can still enjoy their anthem. It's a shame that they won't be able to show their talent in this summer's main event.

Setting up the ring tones on your FRITZ!Fon C5, C4, C3 or the MT-F is a breeze. Simply navigate to the "Settings" in your FRITZ!Fon, then choose "Audio" and "Ring Tones". In the "Own ring tone" entry you'll find the anthem ring tones and can choose your favorite.

Alternatively, you can download the files here and configure them as follows:

  1. Log in on your computer and download the linked files. Then extract the required file from the archive.
  2. Next, open the FRITZ!Box user interface in your browser and log in. Now click on the "DECT" menu.
  3. You'll see all connected FRITZ!Fons under the "Cordless Telephones" tab. Choose a device and click first "Edit", then the "Ring Tones" tab.
  4. Next to the "Own ring tone" entry you'll find the "Add a ring tone" button. Finally, choose one of the anthems in the new window, assign it a unique name, and export the data to the phone by clicking the "OK" button.