FRITZ! News - FRITZ!OS 6.50: Big update for repeaters & powerline


FRITZ!OS 6.50: Big update for repeaters & powerline

The latest FRITZ!OS 6.50 is now also available for all current FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters and FRITZ!Powerline. With its modern user interface the update offers a better overview and improves the performance of your devices.

FRITZ!OS 6.50 is now available for the FRITZ!Powerline models 1240E, 546E as well as 540E and the FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters DVB-C, 1750E, 1160, 450E and 310. Centerpiece is the brand new user interface featuring an improved overview for more convenience. Yet, this is not the only upgrade.

FRITZ!OS 6.50 for Repeater & Powerline

Impressive clarity

The completely modernized user interface was optimized for PC, tablet and smartphone displays, so the visual adapts to the different display sizes of the individual devices. Thanks to the revised menu structure, a few keystrokes suffice to find your way for adjustments.

Channel selection for best WiFi reception

The recent update makes managing your home network easier than ever. A FRITZ!Box equipped with the current FRITZ!OS enables you to view, manage and update all your FRITZ! devices from the home network overview. On top of other minor improvements that further increase the performance and stabilize the connections of your repeaters or powerlines, the WiFi display is a central feature. You can look up the current load of the used radio channel in the menu "Wireless" => "Radio Channel" and switch to another channel with less traffic when necessary.

Another plus: With the FRITZ!OS 6.50 update the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater DVB-C additionally benefits from an improved channel search. Naturally, all AVM updates also optimize the security of your home network communication.