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Always on the safe side with FRITZ!Box

Media have reported on a worldwide hacker attack. In Germany, this lead to disruptions in Speedport routers from the Deutsche Telekom. FRITZ! models are not affected by these attacks. If you wish, you can receive regular updates for your FRITZ!Box automatically. Our Guide section supports you to find the right protection for your home network and for external access.

Up-to-date with AVM

We keep you informed about security topics on So regarding the hacker attack you'll find information in our current security notifications.

Specific tips about security in our Guide

In the Guide section, you'll find numerous tips about how to increase the security level of your FRITZ!Box. You'll not only gain more security through updates, but also more functions.

You're only a few steps away from increasing the security of your wireless LAN or securely configuring the safety measures for powerline.