FRITZ! News - Update for more performance with FRITZ!Powerline


Update for more performance with FRITZ!Powerline

AVM is providing updates for more powerline devices: The AVM FRITZ!Powerline models 1000E, 530E, 510E and 500E will benefit from new versions. Users of the two powerline adapters with wireless LAN capability, 546E and 540E, already have an update available.

Higher data throughput with FRITZ!Powerline 1000E

With the update you can enjoy even more data throughput with FRITZ!Powerline 1000E. And the adapter's power consumption on standby is even lower. Further optimized functions also lead to even more stable data rates.

Additional FRITZ!Powerline models

For the other models of the FRITZ!Powerline family – 530E, 510E and 500E – the flashing of the LEDs has changed during standby operation and when the security button has been pressed.

Update with a few clicks

Updating with the FRITZ!Powerline software is recommended. The update can also be performed in the FRITZ!Box user interface: Just click in the "Home Network" area on the "Edit" button next to your powerline adapter. Then click on "Start Update".

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Detailed instructions for updating the various FRITZ!Powerline models are also provided on the relevant Service pages.