FRITZ! News - The AVM Christmas ring tone: FRITZ!Fons have never sounded better


The AVM Christmas ring tone: FRITZ!Fons have never sounded better

We have a special treat for the season: a Christmas ring tone for your FRITZ!Fon. If you want the famous melody of "Jingle Bells" to lift the festive spirits in your home every time the phone rings, then follow our step-by-step instructions below to add the ring tone to your FRITZ!Fon C4 or MT-F.

Download & configure "Jingle Bells"

Log in on your computer and download the ring tone from here. Then extract the MP3 file from the archive. Next, open the user interface of the FRITZ!Box in your browser and log in. Now, click on "DECT" in the menu. You'll be automatically forwarded to the subsection "Cordless Telephones". On the following page you'll see an overview of all DECT telephones connected to your FRITZ!Box.

Click the "Edit" button on the chosen phone and select the tab "Ring Tones". Next to the "Own ring tone" entry you'll find the "Add a ring tone" button. Click the "Browse" button on the following screen and select the MP3 file of the Christmas ring tone you just downloaded. Now, you can name the ring tone and confirm the transmission to the phone by clicking "OK".

Using your own ring tones is child's play

Following these steps, you can also transfer your own ring tones to your FRITZ!Fon. All you need is an MP3 file of your chosen melody. It should be in a mono format and be less than 30 seconds long. Otherwise, the FRITZ!Box will select a fragment of this length. Please note that transferring the ring tone to the phone can take up to one minute. Do not use the handset during this period.

Each phone has storage space for its own ring tone. If you want to change the ring tone to another melody after the holidays, you must exchange the current ring tone first. You can follow the steps above to do so or visit our Knowledge Base.