FRITZ! News - Relaxing vacation with Smart Home


Relaxing vacation with Smart Home

You can use the automatic switching function of the FRITZ!DECT 200 and FRITZ!Powerline 546E for your electronic devices while you're away. Simply plug either one into an outlet near a device, and the AVM smart plug takes over the power supply for the device plugged into it.

Flexible anywhere via Internet and app

Using MyFRITZ! you can access your FRITZ!Box at any time and set your individual switching points. Smartphone or tablet users can also use the MyFRITZ!App.

Convenient: The random feature

It can be useful to switch to random lighting settings during longer absences. In the settings of the smart plugs by AVM you can enter the dates of your trip and the intervals at which your lighting should be randomly switched on and off. Plus: Group switching synchronizes the operation of multiple appliances.

Fixed timer

If your sprinkler is supposed to water the lawn for one hour each evening during your vacation, you can set a fixed timer for a certain period, for instance every day starting at 9 pm. It's also possible to choose between switching repeated once, or repeated weekly. Stay flexible with the timer every day.

Let the sun decide

You can even use the time of sunrise and sunset to define switching points. With the integrated "Sunrise/Sunset" function you can automatically set your devices to switch at these times.