FRITZ! News - Redesigned FRITZ!App WLAN for Android


Redesigned FRITZ!App WLAN now available for Android

The FRITZ!App WLAN is available now in a completely new design. The thoroughly reworked app has a completely new look. Not only does the optimized operation save time and clicks, the new navigation bar also offers direct access to many of the FRITZ!App WLAN functions.

Even in the new Android device class, Android Wearbables, the FRITZ!App WLAN always keeps you up to date. Users with a smart watch, for instance, can view the currently registered wireless network conveniently on their own watch display.

Optimized "Measure Wireless LAN" function

The wireless LAN measurement instrument was also reworked. Now the "Measure Wireless LAN" function combines two functions in a joint view. This simplification was continued in the "Connect" view of the FRITZ!App WLAN as well. Here you have the option of including the field strength of each radio network in the "Connect" view.

You can also view the details on all radio networks in the "Environment" view. And if the number of radio networks starts getting unmanageable, you can have your own network highlighted in the display.

Automatic selection of the best radio network

If you use smartphones or tablets with Android Version 4 installed and support for dual-band wireless LAN, you can benefit from the new automatic switching to the better of the two radio networks, provided that your wireless access point supports parallel transmission on both frequencies (e.g. FRITZ!Box 7490). The update is rounded out by an integrated feedback function. The redesigned FRITZ!App WLAN is available for installation now from the Google Play Store (for Android version 4.0 or higher).

Give us your feedback!

How do you like the new FRITZ!App WLAN? Have you already discovered the hidden Easter egg in the app? Please send us your feedback directly from the app. Also include any suggestions for improvements or other ideas for the new FRITZ!App WLAN. We look forward to hearing from you!