FRITZ! News - New FRITZ!OS 6.30: Faster, better, easier


New FRITZ!OS 6.30: Faster, better, easier

With the latest FRITZ!OS version, your FRITZ!Box is perfectly adapted to the current developments in networking ensuring rapid Internet speeds. The upgrade is available for FRITZ!Box 7490, 7430, 7390, 7360, 7330, 7272, 3490, 3390, 3370, 3272, 6840 LTE and 6810 LTE. Updates for further models will follow.

Additional improvements to the software provide for improved stability and faster transmission over various connections. The diagnostics data have also been expanded for error analysis, so that future optimizations can be analyzed in even greater detail. Another plus of the new version: The latest Google contacts protocol is again supported by the import function of the FRITZ!Box telephone book. Before, Google had changed the interface preventing an import. With the new protocol we were able to provide the convenient feature again.

Extra safety

Further improvements that come with FRITZ!OS 6.30 include the evaluation of the FRITZ!Box password for the initial configuration. The creation of new call diversions to premium telephone numbers is no longer possible.

Upgrade your FRITZ!Box now with the new FRITZ!OS in just three steps :