FRITZ! News - Keep all documents safely with you using MyFRITZ!


Keep all documents safely with you using MyFRITZ!

Smartphones and tablets are not only useful for vacation pictures, weather forecasts or as a substitute for city maps, they can also be saviors in crisis. If you suddenly can't find needed documents, you can at least rely on a digital backup.

Rescue from the home network

You can connect an external USB storage device to the router and activate it via the NAS function of your FRITZ!Box. Using MyFRITZ! you can then access the data stored there. Booking confirmations, travel routes and various summaries as well as copies of the driver's licence, id or passport can save the vacation in case of an emergency.

Safe storage place

With MyFRITZ! you can safely access your home network via a VPN connection. The great advantage is that your data isn't uploaded into the Internet, but remains on your local devices. This way, your data is protected from unauthorized users and you're independent of the server stability of cloud services. It's actually the opposite: Your data is available on your FRITZ!Box at any time and you can access it through the secure VPN tunnel connection of MyFRITZ!.

Viewing the telephone list

On top of this, you can see who has been calling you with the MyFRITZ!App. Here, you can also get an overview of your recorded messages and listen to them right away. You can use the App to operate Smart Home hardware as well. You'll find additional information on how to benefit even further from these possibilities in another tip.

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