FRITZ! News - Full control with FRITZ!Box & Smart Home!


Full control with FRITZ!Box & Smart Home!

All current FRITZ!Box models with DECT function support the latest Smart Home features. You can control the devices integrated in your home network conveniently over the user interface of your router or via smartphone, tablet or FRITZ!Fon. This opens up plenty of possibilities to operate lamps, radiators, washing machine and others.

Smarten up the whole household

Smart Home designates the connection of multiple devices within the home. This networking can also contribute to energy savings. Take this example: The smart plug FRITZ!DECT 200 (alternative: FRITZ!Powerline 546E) functions as a communication interface between a connected device and the FRITZ!Box. One of its advantages is that it makes nearly every device smart, for example lamp, TV, coffee maker and many more. It is even possible to request notification by email once the washing machine has finished its program and is turned off. Using this feature, you can use the PC, tablet or smartphone not only to switch the plug on and off, and with this the connected devices, but also monitor, record and evaluate the current power consumption.

If you have the MyFRITZ!App installed on your mobile devices you can enjoy even more Smart Home benefits. For instance: You set up a movie to be recorded, but accidentally turned off the power supply for the TV and hard drive recorder or other recording device? There's no need to worry if you set up a smart plug. Be it from the office, the airport or the Bahamas, you can correct the switching with one wipe of the finger. Other examples for application scenarios include switching a heat pump, operating a webcam, or use as a timer.

The communication between FRITZ!DECT and FRITZ!Box is encrypted by DECT radio. You can access your home network from outside the home via a secure VPN tunnel. Additionally, you can access the MyFRITZ! service from other computers or notebooks.

More application scenarios for Smart Home technologies

Introduced at the IFA 2015, the FRITZ!DECT 210 is a smart plug designed especially for outdoor use. Thanks to its temperature sensor and splash protection, the garden and patio area will soon come to enjoy the Smart Home features. Christmas lights in winter or lawn sprinklers in summer can be turned on conveniently from the couch. IP cameras integrated into the home network and door openers that can be operated via the phone ensure additional security as well as convenience. An outlook on the future hints at another convenient application scenario for Smart Home technologies: With DECT ULE an addition to the standards is already in line. DECT and DECT ULE use their own frequency range for further reduce the technology's power consumption.

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