FRITZ! News - FRITZ!OS 6.21 increases performance in FRITZ!Box LTE


FRITZ!OS 6.21 increases performance in FRITZ!Box LTE

The new FRITZ!OS 6.21 is available immediately for downloading to FRITZ!Box LTE. The latest version is the first to offer LTE rates with PPP authentication via FRITZ!Box LTE and roaming. LTE connections are also stabler and considerably faster, even when reception conditions are unfavorable.

LTE as an alternative to the classic DSL line

Internet access via LTE plays an important role wherever poor infrastructure makes fast network connections impossible via the DSL line or the cable connection. In rural regions further away from metropolitan areas, this is often the only way to use a broadband connection. The AVM product range includes two powerful models for Internet, telephony and home networking via LTE with a full range of features. Of course, these models also work with the FRITZ!OS operating system, version 6.21 of which is now available for downloading.

After the update you will be much more flexible, for the FRITZ!Box LTE models now support roaming across providers. They also use network nodes with added security for Internet access, featuring PPP authentication. This means you can also use rates that provide a fixed IP address, be it for a VPN or other web services.

Long-term stability even with poor reception

After updating to FRITZ!OS 6.21, not even unfavorable reception conditions will present much of a problem: The long-term stability and transmission speed between the FRITZ!Box LTE and the LTE cell has been improved so that the connection to the Internet is maintained when reception is below ideal.

Of course, you also benefit from all of the other advantages already included in FRITZ!OS 6.20: Improvements to wireless LAN, DECT, network storage and many other features. Click here to read about the ways you can perform the update.