FRITZ! News - FRITZ!Apps: Which ones are downloaded most?


FRITZ!Apps: Which ones are downloaded most?

With our apps, the home network extends its boundaries and becomes portable thanks to the smartphone and tablet. But which app is most successful in stores? We've taken a look at the numbers in the Play Store. Looking at this ranking reveals clear tendencies in the community.

Over 5 million downloads!

All apps – FRITZ!App WLAN, Fon, Cam, Media, TV and MyFRITZ!App – were downloaded more than five million times. Our free applications for smartphones enable a more extensive use of the home network features of your FRITZ!Box. Alternatives are either expensive (for example smartphone-landline hybrids for landline telephony via smartphone) or provide only some of the features of a single app (for instance only information on WiFi usage). User friendliness and synchronization with other FRITZ! components make FRITZ!Apps a useful extension of the home network.

FRITZ!App Fon holds 1st place

Leader of the ranking is FRITZ!App Fon. It reached multiple millions of downloads in the Play Store alone. Using the app you can transform your smartphone to a VoIP phone simply and easily. This means you can make calls over the landline rate via FRITZ!Box without having to change devices.

The MyFRITZ!App also presents millions of downloads. A great number of users take advantage of the option to access the features of FRITZ!Box from anywhere using a secure connection. Closely behind is the FRITZ!App WLAN. With this app you can not only establish a connection to the router, but also view detailed evaluations of your wireless connection. These numbers are also reflected in the average reviews, as can be seen by the 4.2 of 5 stars ranking for FRITZ!App WLAN.