FRITZ! News - New powerline devices for gigabit speeds


New powerline devices for gigabit speeds

Two new powerline powerhouses equip your home with gigabit speed. In an instant, they can turn any outlet in your household into a potential high speed network port. They expand your network using the electrical wires, without installing any new cables.

Lightning-speed data throughout the home network

FRITZ!Powerline 1220E integrates a power outlet so that you do not lose any plug space. Thanks to the two gigabit network ports you can send your data through the home network safely and at lightning speeds. You can also use them to integrate printers and game consoles into the home network. In addition to a gigabit port, the slim white FRITZ!Powerline 1240E can also set up its own wireless radio network.

Ideal for data-intensive applications

FRITZ!Powerline is ideal for applications that require high bandwidth, like HD streaming and NAS links in your home network. With our latest powerline adapters you benefit from high transmission speed and greater range, as the advances in powerline technology provide for greater stability, even over longer stretches.

Easy installation and low energy consumption

New adapters can be integrated into your network at the press of a button. We've kept an eye on energy consumption as well: Intelligent energy saving features switch the adapters to standby operation automatically whenever no data are being transmitted.