FRITZ! News - Networked rain or shine


Networked rain or shine

Outdoor lighting, lawn sprinklers – with the new FRITZ!DECT 210 any outdoor electric equipment can now be integrated into your home network via DECT ULE. The outdoor model of the FRITZ!DECT 200 smart plug is equipped with a splash protector and temperature sensor, making it perfect to supply FRITZ! convenience for applications in the garden or patio area.

Access from on the go

With the automatic switching feature you can schedule your devices to switch on and off once, daily, every weekday, according to a certain cycle, or even randomly. Or keep it simple by selecting the sunrise/sunset option.

Changes to these settings can be made at any time no matter where you are, using a PC, smartphone or tablet to access the home network.

Complete cost control

Not only accommodates FRITZ!DECT 210 your individual schedules, the smart plug also measures how much energy your devices use. With the FRITZ!OS user interface you can always view the current energy consumption of all the devices in your network. The display shows the watt and voltage values. FRITZ!DECT 210 also evaluates the consumption per hour, day, month and year in both kWh and euros, and calculates a CO2 footprint. But that's not all: Regular free updates offer improvements and even new features.