FRITZ! News - Action for the FRITZ!Apps – MyFRITZ!App completely overhauled


Action for the FRITZ!Apps – MyFRITZ!App completely overhauled

Comprehensive innovations for MyFRITZ!App

In addition to a new design, the free MyFRITZ!App also boasts additional new features: In the log view you can now see an overview of all missed calls and messages. Here you can call back directly or listen to messages. Updates for FRITZ!OS are also displayed here. Now you can use your FRITZ!Box password to configure the app – there's no need to remember different access codes.

Now it is easy to switch configured answering machines or call diversions on and off, no matter where you're accessing them from. Thanks to the new VPN feature, with the MyFRITZ!App it is easy to make a secure connection to your home network.

And now there is a special menu for switching your Smart Home devices. Be it for a smart plug or a radiator control – MyFRITZ!App works as a convenient "switch" from home or on the road.

The first beta version of the MyFRITZ!App will be shown at IFA.

Innovations for other FRITZ!Apps

FRITZ!App WLAN now informs you even more precisely about the connection. If the connection was established via a FRITZ!WLAN Repeater, now this will be shown directly in the connection overview.

The FRITZ!App Fon for iOS has a new design for iPhone and iPad.

With FRITZ!App Media you can now enjoy a practical slide show feature. If there is a Chromecast receiver or a TV within the home network that supports UPnP-A/V, you can even enjoy the slide show on your couch.

FRITZ!App TV for Android now offers a sleep timer. In the app for iOS you can now sort channels with a fast, convenient drag and drop function.