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FRITZ!Box 4080: The new high-end wireless router

With the FRITZ!Box 4080 AVM is presenting a powerful high-end wireless router for your gigabit home network. The newly developed FRITZ!Box sports a vertical, white design, and can be deployed with ease on cable connections, DSL connections and with fiber optic modems.

The best wireless LAN for the highest demands

The new FRITZ!Box 4080 supports the new technologies Wireless AC Wave 2 and MU-MIMO (Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output). This ensures the best wireless performance for high demands.

The new wireless router transmits on two frequencies: 4 x 4 Multi-User MIMO on 5 GHz and 4 x 4 MIMO on 2.4 GHz. This means it can serve multiple wireless applications at the same time with speeds of up to 2.5 Gbit/s. Each and every wireless device benefits not only from faster data throughput, but also from lower latency and reduced power consumption.

Ideal for multiple data-intensive applications concurrently

The FRITZ!Box 4080 is ideally equipped for data-intensive applications. No matter whether it is used to stream 4K videos, online games, or wirelessly connect multiple persons in the home network with their smartphones and tablets at the same time: The new wireless router processes the necessary data streams at lightning speed and in the highest quality. Wireless N alone can transmit 200 Mbit/s on each of the four data streams in the 2.4-GHz band, making for up to 800 Mbit/s gross on this frequency.

Everyone can connect here

The new FRITZ!Box offers not only ultra-fast WiFi, but also one gigabit WAN port, four gigabit LAN ports and two USB 3.0 ports. Two analog telephone sockets, a DECT base station, and an internal ISDN port round out the comprehensive hardware of the new wireless router.

With the latest FRITZ!OS, the FRITZ!Box 4080 includes many convenient features like FRITZ!NAS, a media server, wireless guest access, Smart Home, an auto-update function and MyFRITZ.