FRITZ! news - New FRITZ!OS 6 makes your home network smarter

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FRITZ!OS 6 makes your home network smarter

With the new FRITZ!OS version 6 or higher you can add exciting new capabilities to your FRITZ!Box. Here are the most important innovations for more performance and increased convenience on your DSL, cable and LTE connection, and, of course, for an even smarter home network.

Convenient, secure wireless LAN hotspot

Perhaps you're already using the wireless LAN guest access for visitors or neighbors? Now you can configure a private hotspot with the FRITZ!Box to provide fast, free access to the Internet exclusively for your guests. The default settings allow surfing and e-mail service; additional filters can be enabled for parental controls.

Another plus: There is now a QR code for mobile devices, making it simpler than ever to connect with the Internet, and to print out all account information required. The new private hotspot is even available via the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater. And if you like, a time profile can be set to automatically control when the private hotspot is enabled.

High-speed VDSL - Ready for vectoring

With the new FRITZ!OS your FRITZ!Box is ready now for the next technological leap and boost in VDSL speed. In the future network providers will roll out vectoring technology to VDSL connections, enabling transmission rates of more than 100 Mbit/s.

This increase in performance is achieved by suppressing electromagnetic disturbance between adjacent telephone lines. With the new FRITZ!OS, all of the FRITZ!Box models designed for VDSL (7490, 7390, 3390, 3370) will support the most powerful full vectoring mode.

Convenience for MyFRITZ!, parental control and Smart Home

The latest version of FRITZ!OS has further expanded the convenience services on offer. You can be notified by e-mail about the telephone numbers that called you at home, so that no matter where you are, you always know who is trying to reach you. The new diagnostics function assists you when problems with DSL or wireless LAN arise.

MyFRITZ! is the secure cloud service from AVM, which stores all of your data safely at home. MyFRITZ! now has redesigned and expanded functions for FRITZ!NAS, the call list and voice messages. The design is simpler, clearer and more functional, and the display adapts automatically to whichever mobile device is accessing the service. It is also easier to reach more devices in the Smart Home with MyFRITZ!. With the latest FRITZ!OS, the parental control function in the FRITZ!Box has been extended to the guest access as well.

New features for telephones, intercom systems and SIP trunking

Your FRITZ!Fon also becomes more versatile with the new FRITZ!OS: a sleep timer lets users fall asleep to music, the alarm uses a playlist you put together yourself, and favorites on the media player can now be selected as ring tones.

Your intercom system with an a/b port can be connected with your FRITZ!Box, and configured more easily than ever directly in the user interface. An internal telephone call takes care of communication and opening the door. With the new FRITZ!OS the FRITZ!Box now also supports SIP trunking, so that not only multiple telephone numbers can be specified, but also a DDI offset, the switchboard extension and the length of extension numbers. This presents an economical communications solution, especially for smaller companies and offices.

FRITZ!OS for the media server and new cloud services

The FRITZ!Box supports the 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server, the Telekom Media Center and Google Play Music. With these services you can play your music directly from the cloud. Or you can simply stream your videos directly to the television or tablet and listen to web radio or podcasts on the wireless LAN speakers or your smartphone.

With the FRITZ!Box media server you have your entire music collection with you at all times. Whether it is accessed in the cloud or on your hard drive at home - all compatible playback devices enjoy flexible and convenient access. And you can use the FRITZ!Fon as a remote control for all media playback.

VPN - Securely connected in no time at all

Tried and true, reliable, bug-proof: Via VPN you can connect your notebook or smartphone securely with your home or corporate network from anywhere in the world. For this encrypted data transmission is imperative, especially in a professional environment.

With the new FRITZ!OS it is much easier to connect to a VPN. You can configure the settings directly in the FRITZ!Box user interface. Special consideration was paid to the new generation of smartphones and tablets. FRITZ!OS provides for a whole range of application scenarios for VPN, even allowing the FRITZ!Box to combine various locations into one shared network.

Upgrade to the latest FRITZ!OS 6

With each new update the FRITZ!Box, the hub in your home network, learns something new. This means you always get the most out of your broadband connection, benefit from the best wireless LAN data rates, and enjoy the height of telephony convenience.