FRITZ! news - Transparency and simplicity for your wireless LAN

FRITZ! news

Transparency and simplicity for your wireless LAN

An improved overview and comprehensive security information

When it comes to wireless LAN, the latest version of FRITZ!OS provides an improved overview. And the summary of wireless devices on the central security page (with all key details of networks and registered devices) is not the only change – you’ll also see the name of your wireless network on the user interface home page, where you can also go straight to wireless guest access.

Even quicker access to your domestic hotspot

Do you already have a domestic hotspot for your guests? Well, it can now be set up even more quickly. Visitors can now use the hotspot at the push of a button with WPS registration. With the domestic hotspot, you allow your guests to surf and check their e-mails as standard, but your home network remains off limits. You can also choose to be notified by push e-mail whenever someone registers a wireless device with your network.


All registered wireless devices at a glance

Keep track of your registered wireless devices even more easily. Under the “Wireless LAN” menu option on the user interface, you will see the actual upload and download throughput rates, as well as the wireless standard, frequency band, and channel bandwidth being used by the device. By clicking on the “Edit” symbol, you will also be able to view a wealth of additional information.

Convenient, secure wireless connectivity

The FRITZ!Box is known for being easy to use and the latest version of FRITZ!OS continues in precisely this vein. That’s why the wireless guest access now has its own button, “Launch WPS.” Your guests can therefore conveniently establish a secure connection with the private hotspot on your FRITZ!Box – and consequently the Internet – via WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).

In order to switch to the optimum wireless channel for your environment, you can now manually trigger automatic selection if necessary by clicking on "Update."

Incorporate mobile devices using a QR code

The new version of FRITZ!OS takes the increased use of mobile devices within home networks into account, which is why you can now incorporate your smartphone or tablet into the FRITZ!Box’s wireless LAN even more conveniently. Simply use the printable QR code found under the “Wireless LAN” menu option on the user interface. The connection can be established in a particularly convenient manner using FRITZ!App WLAN.