FRITZ! news - The first HTML media player for FRITZ!NAS

FRITZ! news

The first HTML media player for FRITZ!NAS

The update also includes practical improvements for FRITZ!NAS: using the latest version of your Internet browser, you can listen to music and watch movies on your HTML media player. You can admire photos in the form of a slide show, share them with friends, or delete them. And that’s not all: if you’re using the player to listen to a track, you can simultaneously browse within FRITZ!NAS without the music being interrupted.

Storage media connected to the FRITZ!Box can now also be operated even more conveniently. Files – even several at once – can be easily uploaded using drag and drop.

With the new version of FRITZ!OS, the media server enables all playback devices to directly access the Google All-Inclusive music service.


Icons and advanced searches

And to make it even easier to find files stored within NAS, there are now various icons to denote approved files and folders and help you keep track. You can also search for metafiles and filter your search requests. You can even search for specially named files and folders and, for instance, easily find all photos taken on a particular date.

Pages that load more quickly

The new FRITZ!OS version speeds up your FRITZ!NAS. Pages load more quickly so that you don’t have to wait to see folder contents and other information. FRITZ!NAS also profits from optimum throughput when connected to the USB port on your FRITZ!Box.