FRITZ! news - Security overview for increased control and transparency

FRITZ! news

Security overview for increased control and transparency

The user interface on your FRITZ!Box provides a central information page for increased control and transparency within your home network. Simply select “Diagnostics/Security” from the menu.

It is where you will also find security-related information concerning FRITZ!Box log-ins, users, and FRITZ!NAS. If desired, you can also see help texts for the most important points.

Here you can now see at a glance whether the latest version of FRITZ!OS is installed, which ports are open for connections between the Internet and your home network, and who is logged in to wireless LAN and the FRITZ!Box user interface.

FRITZ!OS security

Increased password security

When choosing a new password, are you sometimes unsure of the number and type of characters to choose? The FRITZ!Box now helps users generate secure passwords, whether creating new user accounts or setting up MyFRITZ! A visual display indicates how secure the password is and you’ll receive specific tips to make your log-in details secure.

Stay notified of new updates

The technology and security profile of your DSL connection is changing all the time, which is why you should always keep your FRITZ!Box updated. By doing so, you can also increase its functionality. With the new “Automatic update” option (located under “System/Update,” FRITZ!OS 6.20 offers you multiple ways to stay informed of new updates:

  • You can opt to receive updates via the user interface only. If you choose this option, you load the new version of FRITZ!OS onto your FRITZ!Box yourself.
  • In addition to being notified via the user interface, you can also opt to receive push e-mails.
  • Essential updates, such as those required for security reasons, are installed automatically without you having to take any action. This happens at a suitable time and you will be informed. You still install updates that contain new features manually. As AVM recommends automatic installation of security-related updates, this option is activated as standard.
  • With the latest FRITZ!Box models, it is possible to have all updates installed automatically. If this is the case, you will also be informed of the new versions.

Regardless of your settings, any available updates will be displayed on the home page of the user interface.

Secure TLS 1.2 encryption

E-mails sent from the FRITZ!Box will now be encrypted before being transmitted to your provider’s e-mail server, preventing third parties from spying on communication between the FRITZ!Box and the server.

And when you access your FRITZ!Box remotely via the Internet, TLS 1.2 increases data security by protecting the connection with the secure AES standard.