FRITZ! news - New options for telephones

FRITZ! news

New options for telephones

Thanks to FRITZ!OS 6.20, it’s even more enjoyable to make calls with your FRITZ!Fon thanks to various new features.

All incoming calls at a glance

We have made the call list on your FRITZ!Fon C4 even clearer. There is a symbol next to each received call, so you can see at a glance whether you picked it up or not. You can also see here if you have any messages on your FRITZ!Box answering machine and play them at the push of a button.

FRITZ!OS telephony

Webcam pictures on the screen

Are you a fan of webcams? If so, you’ll be delighted with the new functionality of your FRITZ!Fon C4: you can now watch webcam images on the telephone screen. Simply enter the URL of the online camera in question on your FRITZ!Fon keypad and enjoy views of Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, the Eiffel Tower, or the scene from your own webcam.

Illumination controlled by motion sensor

With the new version of FRITZ!OS, your FRITZ!Fon C4 automatically regulates keypad illumination. As soon as you hold the phone in your hand, the screen will light up – with the brightness automatically adjusted to the level of ambient lighting. Once you hold the receiver up to your ear, the screen lighting will be switched off.

Improved compatibility with the phones of other manufacturers

Users can now enjoy even greater compatibility with the phones of other manufacturers, which means you can use the telephone book and other convenient features with a host of different devices.