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FRITZ!OS 6.20: for increased transparency, security, and convenience

The new FRITZ!OS adds new functions free of charge to all current FRITZ!Box models for DSL and LTE! The update for FRITZ!Box cable models is supplied by the cable providers. FRITZ!OS 6.20 also offers a slew of new functions for all FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters.


Transparency and simplicity for your wireless LAN

It’s now even easier to keep track of your wireless LAN: on the central security page, you can see an overview of all your wireless devices, while the home page now displays the name of your wireless network and takes users straight to the wireless guest access. As a result, it takes even less time to set up a wireless hotspot for your guests.

There is also a special overview of all signed-in wireless devices, complete with key information on each individual device. With the new “Update” button, you can manually trigger the search for the wireless channel most suited to your environment. With FRITZ!OS 6.20, smartphones and tablets can be added to the FRITZ!Box wireless network even more easily thanks to a QR code.


FRITZ!OS telephone

New options for telephones

Take more control of your FRITZ!Fon: there is now a symbol next to each incoming calls in the call list, so you can see right away if you took the call or whether the caller left a message – if so, it can be played straight from the call list.

You can now also look at webcam images on the screen of your FRITZ!Fon.


FRITZ!OS player

The first HTML media player for FRITZ!NAS

Do you already use FRITZ!NAS to store data centrally on a USB flash drive connected to your FRITZ!Box? And do you access this data from your home network or remotely via MyFRITZ!? If so, you’ll be pleased to hear that photos, movies, and music can be watched/played within the latest version of your Internet browser. What’s more, you can conveniently drag and drop files into your NAS.

FRITZ!NAS pages now load more quickly following the update and you benefit from increased throughput at the USB port.


FRITZ!OS security

Security update for increased control and transparency

One key change is the security overview on the user interface. Here, users can access all security-related information at a glance.

You will also benefit from increased security when creating new passwords on your FRITZ!Box, as a wizard now lets you know when your password is secure.

You can also opt to be notified of new updates and have them installed automatically.


FRITZ!OS vectoring

More ADSL, VDSL, vectoring, and LTE performance

Would you like to make the most of your VDSL connection? Ever since the release of FRITZ!OS 6.0, the FRITZ!Box has been ready for the upcoming speed boost for VDSL connections. Lightning-fast VDSL vectoring is set to further enhance signal distribution among VDSL cables and enable increased throughput of up to 100 Mbit/s.

FRITZ!OS 6.20 complements vectoring with a new error-correction process. Together, they provide for boundless enjoyment when surfing, watching IPTV, and streaming videos. Users also benefit from further ADSL and VDSL optimizations, while Internet connectivity with mobile networks has been expanded and USB ports now support LTE dongles for the first time.

FRITZ!OS Smart Home

Smart Home with temperature display and countdown

FRITZ! 6.20 turns the FRITZ!DECT 200 smart plug and the FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100 into thermometers, so you can see the ambient temperature on your FRITZ!Fon, your FRITZ!Box user interface, or on your MyFRITZ!App.

The new countdown and group switching options significantly increase convenience.


FRITZ!OS parental control

Parental control feature now even safer

A new option in the parental control feature makes it impossible to circumvent the system using the wireless guest access. Over all, FRITZ!OS 6.20 offers improved protection for your children in the Internet.

It is also possible to create different access profiles for the various home network users.

FRITZ!OS mobile devices

Perfectly integrated mobile devices

FRITZ!OS perfectly integrates your mobile devices into the home network, and opens up a wealth of possibilities for use even when you’re out and about. MyFRITZ! makes it easy to access personal data such as photos, music, and documents from all over the world via your FRITZ!Box.


FRITZ!OS 6.20 is just a few clicks away