FRITZ! news - FRITZ!Fon C4: The New All-Rounder for Telephony and Home Networking

FRITZ! news

FRITZ!Fon C4: the new all-rounder for telephony and home networking

With the new FRITZ!Fon C4, AVM is adding a powerful device to its DECT telephone portfolio. The new, white FRITZ!Fon C4 combines a full range of features with an attractive design. FRITZ!Fon supports HD telephony and full duplex hands-free calls; when used in combination with a FRITZ!Box it features multiple answering machines and telephone books. A high-resolution color display, illuminated keypad and stereo headset jack offer maximum comfort for telephone calls and music enjoyment. The cordless telephone is also equipped with a motion sensor and a brightness sensor. The FRITZ!Fon C4 even includes an integrated media player and Internet services like RSS feeds and e-mail. In combination with the new Smart Home functions to control the smart DECT plugs, the new FRITZ!Fon is an all-rounder for telephony and home networking. The new FRITZ!Fon supports the FRITZ!Box languages: German, English, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish. Updates with new features for the FRITZ!Fon can be installed at the click of a button.

Compact and energy efficient

In addition to excellent HD telephony, FRITZ!Fon C4 offers an integrated media player. This feature makes it easy to play music saved on the FRITZ!Box or other media servers on any devices that support UPnP. The FRITZ!Fon also can be deployed as a remote control for Smart Home applications, like switching devices using the smart plugs on FRITZ!DECT 200 or FRITZ!Powerline 546E. The scope of features is rounded out with a wealth of Internet and value added services like e-mail, web radio, RSS feeds and podcasts. The high-resolution display with 240 x 320 pixels and 262,000 colors, an illuminated keyboard and intuitive menu guidance assist the user in making telephone calls, navigating, and using many Internet services.

Many convenience functions

FRITZ!Fon C4 masters all of the common convenience features on DECT telephones, including quick-dial, call diversion, three-party conferences, alarm and baby monitoring. Users can assign different ring tones to the FRITZ!Fon or even use music titles from the media player as ring tones. In combination with a FRITZ!Box, it provides several digital answering machines, an easy-to-read call list, and telephone books with up to 300 entries including online contacts. Received calls, messages on the answering machine, e-mail, and available software updates are all signaled on the display and the MWI button, and can be accessed at the push of a button. Favorites can be set for each user to facilitate fast access to frequently used menus and contents.

Eco Mode and secure encryption

When DECT Eco mode is enabled, DECT radio transmission is turned off completely on the base station and the FRITZ!Fon during standby operation. A sensitive brightness sensor extends battery life to as long as six days by adjusting the illumination on the display and keyboard to ambient light conditions. An integrated motion sensor wakes up the handset whenever the user picks it up. As in all AVM DECT telephones, every connection is encrypted by default.

FRITZ!Box as the ideal partner

All FRITZ!Box models with an integrated DECT base station – be they for DSL, cable or LTE – support the FRITZ!Fon C4. The FRITZ!Box provides the entire range of convenience and data services for the FRITZ!Fon. Settings can be configured conveniently in the FRITZ!Box user interface. The voice, audio and control data provided by the FRITZ!Box are transferred in encrypted form via the robust DECT standard. AVM offers regular updates for the FRITZ!Box and for FRITZ!Fon.