News - FRITZ!OS 6.20 – 99 improvements for increased transparency, security, and convenience


FRITZ!OS 6.20 – 99 improvements for increased transparency, security, and convenience

Version 6.20 of the FRITZ!Box operating system has now been released, bringing with it more stability, a more straightforward display, enhanced features, and a wealth of new functions. Not only does it deliver stronger wireless data transmission, but network storage and media players are now even easier to manage. And thanks to the automatic update function, you’ll never miss another FRITZ!OS update.


Improved performance for wireless LAN and DSL

FRITZ! 6.20 improves Wireless AC to enable more performance, robustness, and interoperability. What’s more, guest devices can now be added to your home network via WPS registration – quickly, easily, and securely. And automatic channel selection, which also ensures optimum performance, can be launched at the push of a button.

Increased transparency and extendable update options

Just by taking a glance at the improved security overview, you can now see whether the latest version of FRITZ!OS is installed, which ports are open for Internet connectivity, and which devices are logged into the wireless network and the FRITZ!Box user interface. Whenever you create new passwords, they are immediately evaluated for security, making it even easier to set a good password. FRITZ!OS 6.20 comes with an automatic update function so that you're always up to date. One of your options is to have security updates automatically installed as soon as they become available.

New possibilities for FRITZ!NAS, telephony, and Smart Home

The FRITZ!Box NAS now features its own HTML media player, so that you can view photos, watch movies, and play music in up-to-date web browsers. If you want to add files to your NAS, all you have to do is drag and drop. In addition to other performance enhancements, connectivity to cloud-based storage such as Google Play Music has been optimized.

New developments in telephony

With the FRITZ!FON C4 DECT telephone, you can now view at webcam images on the display. The device’s position and brightness sensors have been optimized, and you also have more options for using the telephone book and convenient features of the FRITZ!Box with the phones of other suppliers.

Smart Home with temperature display and Countdown

One new addition is the active temperature sensor found on the FRITZ!DECT 200 smart plug and the FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100, making it possible to check the temperature on the FRITZ!Fon, the FRITZ!Box user interface, or MyFRITZ!App. The Countdown feature and group switching also improve convenience and offer greater protection, as do enhanced parental controls. Create profiles for each of your devices and restrict usage accordingly. Parental controls are now better protected against attempts at circumvention using wireless guest access or by changing the IP settings.