FRITZ! news - MyFRITZ! and FRITZ!NAS – The secure, private cloud from AVM

FRITZ! news

MyFRITZ! and FRITZ!NAS – The secure, private cloud from AVM

Store private data at home with FRITZ!Box and access them securely from anywhere – the FRITZ!Box from AVM makes this reality. Pictures, music, videos, and documents can be reached at a central location in the home network by all devices including laptops, TVs and tablets. Even from on the road the data in the home network can be accessed safely via your notebook or smartphone. For transmission and access the data are encrypted using the approved https security standard. MyFRITZ! and FRITZ!NAS make up the free, private cloud already at any FRITZ!Box owner's disposal. They keep your own data at home and yet safely accessible from any location.

FRITZ!NAS – A familiar and safe location for personal data

Be they pictures, music, videos or other data – FRITZ!NAS stores them on a storage medium attached to the FRITZ!Box (NAS - Network Attached Storage). This keeps the data in a familiar place and under the FRITZ!Box owner’s control. Within the home network any user can access the FRITZ!NAS data using a smartphone, tablet or notebook. The memory on FRITZ!NAS can be expanded limitlessly using USB storage media like USB hard drives or memory sticks.

MyFRITZ! – Using private data safely wherever you are

No matter whether you're using a smartphone, tablet or PC – MyFRITZ! lets you access the FRITZ!Box over the Internet from anywhere in the world at any time. This lets FRITZ!Box owners use the data stored in their FRITZ!NAS when they're on the go. Since the MyFRITZ! connection is protected with a user name and password, it is just as secure to access the call list, voice messages on the FRITZ!Box answering machine, and the FRITZ!Box settings. The personal data always stay stored only on the FRITZ!Box. AVM has no knowledge of the passwords used and no access to your private cloud. Ownership of all data remains with the FRITZ!Box owner, who is the only one to determine who receives password-protected access to his data.

Encrypted data transfer via https

Access to the data with MyFRITZ! is encrypted using the approved https security standard. Encrypted data transmission and password-protected access make MyFRITZ! and FRITZ!NAS into a secure, private cloud for FRITZ!Box owner.

Benefits of FRITZ!NAS

  • Store data securely at home
  • Within the home network it is easy to reach the data with various devices
  • Ensure secure data sharing
  • Memory can be expanded limitlessly using USB hard drives or memory sticks

Benefits of MyFRITZ!

  • From anywhere, access all documents and media files on FRITZ!NAS, listen to voice messages and view the calls list
  • With MyFRITZ!App for iOS and Android the data in your private cloud are available on smartphones and tablets
  • Access the FRITZ!Box user interface, monitor status information and change your settings
  • Data transfer securely encrypted via https
  • Multiple FRITZ!Boxes can be registered at one MyFRITZ! account