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FRITZ!DECT 200: the smart plug for your home network

With its first smart plug, AVM is offering new possibilities for the home network. FRITZ!DECT 200 is the switchable outlet that can be controlled from anywhere. It is ideal to measure the consumption of connected devices. This smart plug turns the FRITZ!Box into a Smart Home hub for electronic devices in the household. The socket can be controlled from the PC, tablet, FRITZ!Fon and even from a smartphone with the MyFRITZ!App. FRITZ!DECT 200 is supported by all FRITZ!Box models that include a DECT base station and have FRITZ!OS 5.50 or higher installed.

Home automation with FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!DECT 200

Now the millions of households deploying FRITZ!Boxes also have a foundation for the basic functions of home automation. FRITZ!DECT 200 fulfills part of the new smart home functions. Operation via the FRITZ!Box user interface is as easy as it is practical.

FRITZ!DECT 200 for intelligent switching of power consumers in the household

FRITZ!DECT 200 allows you to switch connected devices manually or automatically. It offers individually definable schedules like “once, random, daily, on weekdays,” or according to a fixed sequence. The smart plug can also be combined with a Google calendar, from which it automatically adopts all appointments. And with the integrated sunrise/sunset function, devices can even be set to switch on and off automatically according to daylight.

FRITZ!DECT 200 measures and evaluates power consumption

FRITZ!DECT 200 measures and stores the power consumption of connected electrical devices and records it in the FRITZ!Box user interface, where consumption is displayed according to various parameters in clear, intuitive diagrams. Details can be viewed on performance, switching status, consumption, energy costs, and even CO2 emissions; upon request, these details can be dispatched as push mail. This makes FRITZ!DECT 200 the ideal device for optimizing your energy budget.

All kinds of measurement and control applications

FRITZ!DECT 200 helps with all kinds of applications. Be it switching on and off lights or various devices like printers, external drives, a web cam or the lamp in the aquarium: with the new smart plug many applications can be simplified. And the detailed consumption measurements show the actual power needs of televisions, household appliances and heat pumps. All switching and measurement can also be controlled from the Internet via the FRITZ!Box.

Switchable and energy efficient

AVM uses the secure, widespread standard DECT ULE (Ultra Low Energy) for its FRITZ!DECT 200. Thanks to encryption and authentication, the smart plug is absolutely secure upon delivery. What is more, the technology applied is ideally protected from interference and extremely energy efficient. The power consumption of FRITZ!DECT 200 is between 0.9 and 1.5 watts, depending on the operating mode. The smart plug contains two switches with LEDs: one to turn the socket on and off, and a DECT switch for registration with and deregistration from the base station.

Simple operation of FRITZ!DECT 200

FRITZ!DECT 200 is very easy to configure and operate. To start it for the first time, just plug it into an outlet and press the DECT button on the FRITZ!Box: voilá, the smart plug is registered. The DECT radio transmission used is securely encrypted from the start. It is easy to control FRITZ!DECT 200 over the user interface of the FRITZ!Box. Each socket can be assigned its own name. Access from remote locations is also secure thanks to the FRITZ!Box Internet connection. New features can be added to the FRITZ!DECT 200 with free updates.

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