FRITZ! news - FRITZ!Box unaffected by critical vulnerability

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FRITZ!Box unaffected by critical vulnerability

There are currently reports in the media about critical vulnerability in DSL wireless routers. This involves a router’s WPS PIN being deduced from the MAC address. The FRITZ!Box range remains unaffected by this and the WPS PIN cannot be deduced from the MAC address. In addition, WPS is not permanently activated on the FRITZ!Box.

WPS only activated when connecting

In order to connect a FRITZ!Box to another wireless device, the user must temporarily activate WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). This can be done either by pressing the WLAN button on the top of the FRITZ!Box or via the user interface. A secure wireless connection can then be established – this must be done within two minutes.

WPS automatically deactivated once more

After successfully establishing a connection, or once the two minutes are up, the FRITZ!Box will automatically deactivate WPS once more. If several devices are attempting to establish a WPS connection at any one time, WPS will automatically be deactivated. This is to prevent unauthorized persons accessing the FRITZ!Box from the outside.

WPS – a simple way to establish a secure wireless connection

WPS, the standard developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance, enables the straightforward establishment of an encrypted wireless home network. Adding new devices to an existing wireless network is even simpler. The user now needs not enter the often long and complex encryption codes.