FRITZ! news - FRITZ!Box 3390: Double dose of WLAN

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FRITZ!Box 3390: Double dose of WLAN

With the new FRITZ!Box 3390 AVM is now offering a wireless N router with two 450-Mbit/s data streams. This allows two fast wireless networks to be operated at the same time, one in the 2.4 GHz range and the other in the 5 GHz range. Using wireless N with 450 Mbit/s significantly expands the wireless range and raises throughput rates. Especially in the 5 GHz range, very powerful hardware has made it possible to achieve considerably better data rates over greater distances. In combination with integrated ADSL/VDSL, four gigabit and two USB ports, the new FRITZ!Box is the ideal platform for data-intensive applications like simultaneously viewing multiple HD videos, HD IPTV or games.

Top-class features for a fast, smart home network

In combination with the integrated NAS function and print and media servers, the new FRITZ!Box 3390 is the ideal multimedia base station for the entire network. External storage connected to the FRITZ!Box can be accessed easily from anywhere inside the network, and even from outside. Pictures, music and documents are thus always available to all devices – even smartphones and tablets. MyFRITZ! provides for simple access from on the go. Features like guest access to the wireless LAN, WPS, parental controls, firewall, push mail, IPv6 and VPN round out the top-class package.

A variety of new features with FRITZ!OS

With over 100 new features and improvements, the new FRITZ!OS 5.51 is also included in the FRITZ!Box 3390: with the new MyFRITZ!App the home network can be controlled no matter where you are. The three services MyFRITZ!, FRITZ!NAS and can be accessed through a single login, and the MyFRITZ! cloud service has become much more convenient. FRITZ!OS also includes new and improved functions for the answering machine, telephone book and multimedia. For more information on the new FRITZ!OS, please click here.

FRITZ!Box 3390 also for glass fiber and cable

The new FRITZ!Box 3390 can also be used with glass fiber or cable connections. Using an Ethernet module it is easy to connect FRITZ!Box to the special network termination unit provided by the glass fiber or cable provider. The FRITZ!Box also supports DSL lines compliant with the Annex J and M norm, providing for wider bandwidth in upstream transmission.

VoIP upon request

The FRITZ!Box 3390 is perfect for pure data traffic over all ADSL connections. Telephony over smartphones or tablets can also be implemented easily using the FRITZ!App Fon. This FRITZ!App turns the mobile handset into a home network telephone so that calls can be made over the Internet. For more information on FRITZ!App Fon click here.